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About the Art

Our goal as a landscape photographers is to show you views of the natural world in ways that you may not have seen before through careful composition, attention to detail, and the creative use of light. We like to take normal scenes and bringing them to you with an unique view.  My entire body of work is available in the form of fine art prints created with various photographic papers, fine art canvas, and metal prints.

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Abstracts are created by moving the camera while exposing the photograph.  Every thing is done in the camera and not done in photoshop.  When the camera moves it creates an image that looks like a painting.  At first many people believe they are paintings because they look soft and sometime dream like.  ICM Abstracts are printed in editions of 1.  That will be the only image printed from that file.  On our website we have a list of unprinted images that can be purchased in sizes 20x30 and larger.  If you want a custom size just contact us and we will work on that print for you.

ICM Reproductions are a separate image with some of the same characteristics of the ICM Abstracts but they are a different image.  We will print the ICM Reproductions in editions of 125 on canvas.

Elements is our macro collection.  These images are an open edition and are only printed on 10"x10", 20"x20", or 30"x30" metal prints.

The limited edition prints come as editions of 250 (sizes 16"x24" and larger) and 2 artist  proofs  (40"x60"), they are all numbered, signed, and come with a certificate of authenticity.  Once we sell all of the prints, they will not be printed again.  They would only be available as reproductions in sizes 11"x14" and smaller on photographic paper only.  Reproductions are signed and unnumbered.