5 ways to support my fine art photography

Rising Sun
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I'm frequently told my fine art photography prints are stunning, and that always feels good.  I photograph the Carolinas and Florida discovering some beautiful landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, and it's good to know my efforts are appreciated.

One of the most frequently asked questions is "How can I be a supporter?"

Here are the top ways you can support my art.

Purchase Prints

The top way you can support my art is by purchasing prints.  It's always nice to hear how much people enjoy my work, but I'm ecstatic when someone goes the next step and purchases a print from my online gallery.

The fact is photography isn't a hobby, it helps support my family with my print sales.  Also, if you are into helping a small business, it's a win-win: You will be receiving one of stunning prints to hang on your wall while you are helping my small business to continue to grow.

Purchasing prints are extremely easy:  Just hop over to my online print gallery, find the image you love and send it to your shopping cart.  Check out is quick and easy, and your print is sent directly to my printer for processing.

Of course if you have any questions about check out process or placing an order, I'm just an email away.

Subscribe To My Newsletter

Did you know I send out a regular newsletter about my art?  You get stories about my art, get first looks at new releases and member only offers.

I try to send out a newsletter once a week and it's a great way to stay connected.

So please, click here to join to my newsletter and become one of my valued subscribers!

And please feel free to forward my newsletter to family and friends  and invite them to sign up.

Follow and Share on Social Media

I have a lively social media following, especially on Facebook.  My goal is to post once a day but definitely 5 days a week.

On this feed, you get stories of the photograph, what I was thinking while taking the photograph, and inspirational messages.  I also do Lives and you get to know me better, what I'm doing and some of my other passions (food and teaching).

I try to respond to every comment, but rest assured that I read every single one.  It always amazes me how many followers take time to post a note of encouragement.

I do encourage you to hit the "Share" button and let your friends know about my work.  Word of mouth is the very best marketing, it's how I continue to grow and get new clients.

Head on over to my social media platform of your choice and follow me:

Prints Make Great Gifts

Fine art prints make wonderful gifts, showing you really thought about what to give them.

Prints are lifetime gifts that will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness every time they walk into the room where the art hangs.

Having trouble deciding on which print to get them or would like your loved one to choose their own print?  Well, you can purchase a gift card!

That's right! You can get a gift card to purchase my art starting at $20 to allow your loved ones who would treasure a true piece of art of their choosing.

Just click here to order your gift card today!

Tell Your Friends About Me

Did you know that 80% of art sales come from referrals?  Let's be honest: you are more likely to support a small business if a trusted friend makes a recommendation.  I know I do.  So I encourage you to tell your friends about my art.

So go ahead a forward my newsletters and share my social media posts, and add a message about how you feel about my work.  That goes a long way in convincing others to join my following.  Honestly, a great recommendation is the best compliments ever.

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