How Did You Get Into ICM Photography?

One of the most asked questions at art shows is "How did you get started in ICM Photography?"  Well here is the story.

I have been showing art shows for 5 years and when you travel to different art shows, you see a lot of similar images.  The only difference is really the composition, the colors in the sunrise, or sunsets or where the beach is located.  I wanted something different after hearing many people walk by and say to their friend we have already seen that.  So I thought back to my high school photography class, and there was an assignment during the Christmas season for zooming in and out on Christmas lights.  I loved the orb like effect it caused.  I started to think and experiment with moving the camera and zooming in and out while exposing landscape photographs.  The first one ICM I created was zooming in on a fall tree.

From there they started to come together, and I started experimenting with sunsets.  I then created "Sunset".

I had to figure out the name of the style.  I went and did a search on the internet and found the term Intentional Camera Movement.  So I called this collection ICM Abstracts.  Then I was wondering what would it look like during the daylight hours and "Beach" was created.

Ever since I have been using movement in landscapes in addition to the traditional landscape.

That's how I got started in ICM photography.

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